470 on Target at Regional Skill at Arms Competition

470 was once again on the shooting range at Barry Buddon on Saturday 29th September for the 2018 S&NI Regional Skill at Arms shooting competition.

The weather proved to be challenge with a strong wind blowing from behind the shooters down range but that didn’t put off Team 470 who scored an impressive 1st and 3rd places in the team event and 2nd and 3rd places in the individual events.

The overall results for the competition were as follows:

Individual Results:

  1. Sgt Spalding – 1019 (City Of Stirling) Sqn
  2. Cpl Donald – 470 (Falkirk) Sqn
  3. Cpl Sneddon – 470 (Falkirk) Sqn

Team Results:

  1. 470 (Falkirk) Sqn – A Team
  2. 2422 (Arbroath) Sqn
  3. 470 (Falkirk) Sqn – B Team
  4. 1019 (City Of Stirling) Sqn

Congratulations to all the participants and well done to Team470 on their accomplishments – #Go470