Flying & Gliding

The Air Cadet Organisation tries to get all cadets in the air as often as possible. This normally takes the form of Air Experience Flights (AEF) in the Grob Tutor aircraft and 470 Squadron travels to RAF Leuchars a couple of times a year to do this. The aircraft is flown by a professional instructor so safety is paramount and once you are in the air then it’s time to let you take control!

Powered Flight

Flying is integral to the Air Training Corps – It is the one activity that fostered the spirit behind the Corps and it is still as important today.

The primary training aircraft that cadets have access too is the Grob Tutor T1 which is an extremely agile aircraft allowing it to perform aerobatics – as exhilarating as any ride you would find in a theme park!

These are based with the University Air Squadrons at Leuchars and Glasgow Airport and we have access to both locations throughout the year.



Gliding is the other airborne activity the Air Cadets offers. We are fortunate to have the residential gliding school for Scotland based at RAF Kirknewton outside Edinburgh so we have easy access with our minibus. The Gliding Squadron that operates from Kirknewton has access to the Viking T1 which is a modern unpowered, cable launched 2 seat glider (pictured right) . 

Flying High!

Here are some examples of cadets from 470 enjoying Air Experience Flying.