Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

Taking Flight

In 2015 we were very fortunate to have been providing funding by our Civilian Committee to build a high specification flight simulator.

The project is constantly evolving as we incorporate more features into its design.

The current specification as off January 2016:

  • Power – Base unit is a high specification gaming machine which uses 16gb ram, an i5 processor, ATI graphics and Solid State Hard Disks to power the simulations.
  • Display – 3x 23 inch HD monitors provide the wrap around screen effect.
  • Controls – The system uses the Saitek X55 joystick and throttle control units along with pedals to simulate actual aircraft controls.
  • Instruments – We are replicating the main control console from RAF aircraft like Typhoon and Hawk by incorporating off the shelf simulator components.
  • Head Tracking – We have incorporated a head tracking device to allow cadets to “look around” naturally.
  • Force Feedback – We utilise a force feedback device under the seat which causes the seat and enclosure to vibrate to replicate the forces encountered on takeoff and landing.
  • Seating – Adjustable Racing seat allows different cadets to use the simulator easily.
  • Enclosure – The seat, control surfaces and displays are mounted in a dedicated enclosure.

Whats Next?

The simulator will continue to evolve.

Our future plans are below:

  • Incorporate more useable instruments into the main control panel from the Saitek Pro Flight range.
  • Expand the enclosure – If space allows make it fully enclosed.
  • Increase screensize to 27 inches.
  • Consider upgrading and incorporating VR technology