What is Project Keepsake?

For the 75th Anniversary year of the Air Training Corps and 470 (Falkirk) Squadron we have set ourselves the task of documenting and archiving the history of 470 Squadron.

We have been fortunate to inherit a treasure trove of material from previous staff at the Squadron including hundreds of photos, newspaper clippings and documents from the past 75 years.

Our Objective

Our objective is to research the history of the Squadron and digitise all the materials made available to us.

A special section of our website will be permanently dedicated to the historical archive so that interested parties can review the most comprehensive account of 470 Squadron ever conducted.

Progress so far?

The majority of the existing Squadron Archive has now been digitised so the cadet project team will soon begin planning out the Squadron timeline and identifying key events to research.

What we need

The Squadron is interested in the following:

Photographs – Originals or scans, especially ones which list names of subjects.

Specific Subjects of Interest:

  • Official photographs of the early Commanding Officers and other staff.
  • Headquarters which we used over the years.
  • Newspaper Clippings

Significant Events – Stories or accounts of important events and your personal involvement such the many shooting successes and the movement between headquarters over the years. 

ATC memorabilia – Specifically from the days of the battle dress of the 50’s and 60’s, embroidered badges from the era and other paraphernalia.

How can i help?

If you wish to help the Squadron with this project then you can contact the project team via our e-mail address: