Former Cadet Returns to 470 Sqn

Last week we had the great pleasure of welcoming Falkirk Provost, Mr Robert Bissett back to his old ATC squadron. Mr Bisset was a cadet with 470 between 1969 and 1971 and he looked back fondly at his time with the squadron and reflected on how being a cadet helped to shape the morals and the values that he holds dear today.

Provost Bissett was pleased to hear that although a lot has changed within the organisation since his time as a cadet, the ethos and core values of it remain the same.

During his visit, Provost Bissett was delighted to present Sgts Carnie and Hughes with their Method of Instruction (MoI) certificates and lanyards and wished the new instructors well.

Huge congratulations to both sergeants from all in the squadron and a big thank you to Provost Bissett for taking the time out of his schedule to visit his old unit.

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